The Million Dollar Band






Read below for a very important new tool that The Million Dollar Band will be utilizing! Don't forget to follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to get access to your child's account that has already been set up.


Charms Office Assistant is the unquestioned leader in cloud-based organization, management, and communication.
It is an all-encompassing office assistant that keeps track of student and parent information, serves as a communication center, allows us to maintain instrument inventory, uniform inventory, music library inventory, and serves as a financial records keeper for our Student Activity Fund.


To access your student's account follow the steps below and don't forget to add your cell phone number and e-mail address so we can communicate important information.

1. Click here --> Charms Office Assistant Login Page <-- to visit the login page.

2. Locate the "PARENTS/STUDENTS/MEMBERS" section on the page.

3. Enter the school code: harlandalehsband and click on the green "Enter Student/Parent Area" button.

4. Then enter your child's Harlandale Student ID in the "Student Area Password" field and click on the blue "Enter" button.



















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